National Tournament Dates

The usual dates for the National Championships are:

  • Mixed Doubles - first weekend in October
  • Singles/Doubles - first weekend in November
  • Senior Doubles - first weekend in December
  • Women's Triples/Triples - first weekend in March
  • Youth Singles/Doubles - Term 1 school holidays in April
  • Club - a weekend close to Anzac Day (but not an Anzac weekend)

The Trans Tasman match is the third weekend in March.

National Tournament Dates 2022-23

Note: The link from the tournament name will take you to the entry form.

Participants in National Championships should read the Tournament Entry Protocols

Date Event Venue
7-9 October 2022 National Pointing Competition Horowhenua
8-9 October 2022 National Mixed Doubles Championship Horowhenua
4 November 2022 National Singles Championship Panmure Pioneers
5-6 November 2022 National Doubles Championship Panmure Pioneers
3-4 December 2022 National Senior Doubles Championship Kapiti
3 March 2023 National Women's Triples Championship Dunedin City
4-5 March 2023 National Triples Championship Dunedin City
3-5 March 2023 National Shooting Competition Dunedin City
15 April 2023 National Youth Singles Championship Rotorua
16 April 2023 National Youth Doubles Championship Rotorua
22-23 April 2023 National Club Championship Tauranga BOP

The Trans Tasman will be held at Herne Bay, 18-19 March 2023.

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National Tournament Dates 2023-24

Date Event Venue
6-8 October 2023 National Pointing Competition Lower North Island
7-8 October 2023 National Mixed Doubles Championship Lower North Island
3 November 2023 National Singles Championship Christchurch
4-5 November 2023 National Doubles Championship Christchurch
2-3 December 2023 National Senior Doubles Championship Dunedin
1 March 2024 National Women's Triples Championship Auckland
2-3 March 2024 National Triples Championship Auckland
1-3 March 2024 National Shooting Competition Auckland
13 April 2024 National Youth Singles Championship South Island
14 April 2024 National Youth Doubles Championship South Island
20-21 April 2024 National Club Championship Christchurch

The Trans Tasman will be held in Australia, 16-17 March 2024.

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