About Petanque New Zealand

About Petanque New Zealand

Petanque New Zealand (PNZ) was established in 1993 as the national governing body for the sport of petanque in New Zealand.

PNZ is affiliated to and guided by the International Federation of Petanque, called The Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal (FIPJP). 

PNZ has the following aims

  • To promote and foster the growth and development of petanque in New Zealand, both as a recreational and competitive sport
  • To act as the coordinating body for all the affiliated clubs
  • To assist with the provision of coaching to enhance player skills
  • To ensure a consistent approach to the game of petanque
  • To provide umpiring qualifications from club through to national level 
  • To organise and run various National Championships for players to compete in
  • To maintain affiliation with the FIPJP, the world governing body of petanque

PNZ's core values are

  • Inclusiveness
  • Communication
  • Sportsmanship
  • Continuous Improvement

PNZ Life Members
Cam Calder : Auckland : 2002
"For his contribution to the development and advancement of petanque in NZ".

Terry Holt : Dunedin (now Nelson) : 2004
“For his work in setting up and advancing the formation of Southern Region petanque, the coaching and umpiring structure of Petanque New Zealand, and his continued contribution to the development of junior petanque".

Graeme Morris : Masterton : 2006
“In recognition of his contribution to the organisation and the sport during his time (7 years) on the Committee and as President/CEO”.
Chris Priestly : Auckland : 2013
“For his role in the establishment and development of petanque in New Zealand”. 

PNZ Service Medal holders - First introduced in 2016
Christian Fouquet (2016)
Brian Smith (2016)
Barbara Whittington (2016)
Allan Fletcher (2017)
Diane Findlay (2017)
Trevor Neilson (2017)
Andrew Findlay (2017)
Barrie Anderson (2018)

How PNZ began....

Jorg Shultze introduced Chris Priestly to petanque in 1992 on the natural terrain at Marine Parade in Devonport, Auckland.  A group began to play and a tournament was organised in May 1993.    This was sponsored by the Atomic Cafe and was a great success.   This then led to Gavin Campbell, one of the competitors and an importer of sports equipment (including boules) to organise an Integrale sponsored event which he advertised through the local media.

This attracted French expatriates including Christian Fouquet.  Also involved at this time was Cam Calder who had returned from Europe with a passion for the sport of petanque and a desire to see it become a widespread recreational activity in New Zealand.

An approach was made to the Auckland City Council and a terrain at Victoria Park was established. This became the venue for the first New Zealand Triples Championship which was won by Jorg Schultze, Mick Sharpe and Chris Priestley who defeated Cam Calder's team in the final. The trophy for the Triples Championship was organised and designed by Chris Priestly and sculptor Doug Robertson.   Doug made the trophy from 10,000 year old swamp Kauri donated by Chris and a Boule Cloutee was donated by Cam Calder.

The core group eventually decided it was time to go 'formal' and as of 1 June 1994, Petanque New Zealand became registered as an Incorporated Society.  Masterton Petanque Club affiliated to PNZ and Brian Smith managed to get a terrain laid in the Wellington area.   Petanque was taking NZ by storm and terrains were established in Christchurch, Akaroa and Dunedin.

Christian Fouquet was responsible for making contact with the Federation Internationale de Petanque Jeu Provencale (FIPJP) in Marseille, France, and New Zealand duly became affiliated to FIPJP. 
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