Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How do we become affiliated to PNZ?
You should make contact with the secretary of PNZ and/or complete the application form and membership data form (on this website under:  about PNZ... PNZ Policies section). Once the secretary has received your information your application will be ratified by the Board.  

Do we have to pay affiliation fees for everyone in the club, even if they are just social members?
PNZ does not have a 'social member' category.   Our affiliation fee is very low ($20.00) and it applies to all members of your club whether they consider themselves social or competitive. The affiliation fee is not used to support competitive play, this part of our organisation is funded by competitive players through entry fees to National Championships and registration fees to the representative process. PNZ has an all or none policy around the issue of affiliation. 

When do we pay our affiliation fees?
Annual affiliation fees are due in January and are based on your membership as at 31st December the preceeding year.   You will be sent a reminder that fees are due and need to complete updated membership data and any other information requested by PNZ at this time.

What about members who join during the year?
Players (or clubs) who join after January are exempt from fees for that year and included in the following year's affiliation.   Clubs should notify the secretary of all new members as they sign up during the year, so that we can keep information about our membership up to date at all times.

Who do we go to if we have questions?
Petanque is a very friendly game and most members of clubs would be willing to help wherever they can. If you require specific information or assistance your first port of call is the PNZ Secretary.  If she is unable to answer your questions, she will put you in touch with the right person.  We love it when people ask questions because we know they will have correct information, so please don't hesitate to ask.

What is the season for Petanque?
Petanque NZ doesn't have a specific season as most clubs play all year round, weather permitting.   Having said that clubs are generally more active in the warmer months from September to April.   PNZ operates on a 12 month calendar from January to December.

Is anybody allowed to run a tournament?
Absolutely, but to start with you will need advice. If you are in the Auckland, Wellington or Southern regions that regional body will be able to advise you, but the PNZ Manager of Tournaments is also available to provide any information you require. In setting up new tournaments you need to be clear about what type of tournament you want to run and need to avoid clashes with other tournaments in your local area so that players are available to attend.

What is the difference between competition and leisure boules?
Leisure boules are available in a variety of shops, including the Warehouse.   Although there are different weights and materials available in leisure boules, they are of varying quality and limited markings.   They are less predictable and less able to be controlled than competition boules.    They are not legally allowed to be used in any competition run under FIPJP rules (see below), but are perfectly adequate for "backyard" petanque.

Competition boules are available from specialists stores and come in many different models to suit beginners right through to experts.  They are available in a range of different diameters, weights and materials to suit an individual players strength, ability and style of play.  Different materials are tempered in different ways to adjust the hardness of the boules e.g. softer boules absorb shock better which means they are more likely to stay on target in the event of a collision and cause the hard boules to rebound away further by comparison.   Competition boules must have the trademark of the manufacturer and display the weight of the boule, both of which must be visible to an umpire during any competition.  

If you are thinking of purchasing boules, make sure you discuss it with someone who can help you determine what type of boules would be best for you.

Can I use leisure boules in a competition?
This depends on the competition.   Some clubs allow players to play with them in club play and club competitions, however, leisure boules are NOT permitted in any competition run under FIPJP rules because they do not comply with Article 2 of the official rules of petanque.  Article 2 states that boules must have the trademark of the manufacturer and the weight engraved on all boules.    



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