BASIC TERMS: in French and English      

(la) Pétanque / Petanque        From "pieds tanqués" which means “feet tied together” Originally Provençal "ped tanco".

(le) Rond  / The circle             The throwing circle, traced in the ground or prefabricated.

(une) Mène  / an end            An “end”, the part of a complete game played from each new throwing circle.  A match is made up of as many ends as necessary to first arrive at thirteen points.

Pointer / Point                “To Point” action to roll/lob a boule, in order to stop its movement near to the coch.

(un) Pointeur / A Pointer       A player who specializes in pointing or placing his boules as close as possible to the coch.

(un) Milieu / An All Rounder             An all-rounder in a team that can point or shoot equally well.

(un) Tireur / A Shooter              A player who is better at shooting than pointing.

(l') Arbitre / Umpire                 The official who adjudicates on all aspects of play

Tête-à-Tête / Singles       One player playing against another; a singles game, 3 boules per player.

Doublette / Doubles               Game composed of 2 players per team, with 3 boules per player.

Triplette / Triples                    Game composed of 3 players per team, with 2 boules per player.                      

(le) Cochonnet / The Jack or target ball        Made from wood (or FIPJP accepted synthetic), smaller than a boule, it is thrown at the beginning of each end.   

Faire Fanny / Fanny            To win a match with the score of 13-0.

(les) Boules Cloutées       The old kind of boules which were made by hammering large-headed nails into boxwood cores.

(le) (les) Striage, Stries / The boule markings     The rings, stripes or design cut into the surface of boules to make them grip the ground better.

(un) Porte-Boules / Boule Bag        A carrier for a set of boules.

Boulodrome / Venue        An indoor (or outdoor) place specifically designed for playing Petanque.

(le) Terrain / Terrain          The area where you play petanque.

(la) Piste / Marked Terrain or Lane             That part of the terrain on which the game is to be played.

(les) Kiply / Measuring Tape

(ou face) / Heads         

(le Pile) / Tails     

(la) Consolante / Consolanate        The competition organized for those that do not qualify for the final rounds of the Main Competition.  

Holding                      A team is said to be holding for as long as their boule is closest to the coch.

(la) Musique / Sledging          Deliberate distracting behaviour during the playing of a game. This is expressly forbidden by Rule 17 of the rules.

(Un) Divet / A Hole                     A hole previously made by a boule

Une Donnee / The Landing Spot             “Landing spot” the exact ideal place where you intend for your boule to land, before it rolls.

(la) Roulette / Rolled Boule            A way of pointing, only possible on a smooth surface, in which the boule is rolled nearly all the way from the playing circle to the coch.

(la)Demi-portee / Half-Lob        It is to point a boule so that it falls halfway from Le Rond and the coch. and then rolls towards the coch.  

(la) Plombee / High Lob        It is to point the boule with a high lob so that it falls close to the coch.  The forward momentum of the boule is deadened by its fall, immobilizing it at once or almost at once.  Used with rougher ground.

(le) Rétro / The Back-Spin                  The back-spin which is imparted to a pointing boule by swinging the wrist forward during the throwing action.

(la) Roulette-Dirigée / Crouching point      A pointing throw in which the boule is delivered from a semi-crouching position, and guided/rolled nearly all of the way to the coch.

Tirer / Shoot                         “To Shoot” to strike an opponent’s boule with the goal of removing it from play/threat.

Tirer au fer /Direct Hit          “To shoot the iron” The boule is launched in the air, does not touch the ground but comes to land right upon the opponent’s boule.

(un) Carreau / The perfect shot (Direct hit and stay)           When shooting, the boule scores a perfect direct hit on the target boule and, in doing so, not only knocks it away, but takes its exact position. The origin of the term is thought to have come from the fighting expression "rester carreau" - “to remain on the spot, to be laid out cold."    

(un) Palet Roulant or (la) Raspaillette/ Respite or rolling shot        To hit a target boule by throwing short and rolling onto it.

Noyer (le but) / Shoot the Jack         To shoot at the jack. and by removing it from the defined piste, nullify the end.

(la) Casquette / A Skimmer         When a shooting boule bounces off the top of the target boule without moving it at all.  The word literally means “a cap”.


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