Representation Policy

Representation Policy

PNZ has an active representation programme.

  • Players are selected or nominated to one of four training squads annually (Open Men, Open Women, Senior Men and Senior Women).
  • PNZ's national teams are selected from these squads.
  • Currently there is no Youth squad or Youth teams selected.
  • PNZ selects between 4 and 8 National teams per year depending on the International tournament calendar.

PNZ's policy for funding and uniforms for Representative Teams is:
PNZ’s policy around funding NZ teams and uniforms was reviewed and refined at the July 2015 Board meeting.
Monetary assistance
As a small amateur sport, PNZ is not (at this time) in a position to fund expenses for NZ representative teams, however we do acknowledge the huge commitment and expense associated with representing NZ, and that those playing at the highest level have the greatest expense.

PNZ’s new policy is designed to give the greatest support to those playing at the highest level and will contribute $200 to each player selected to a NZ team attending a world championship.

Uniform – Players

  • 1st year - 2 polo shirts, 1 tracksuit top, 1 pair of trousers and 1 cap
  • 2nd year onwards - 1 polo shirt and 1 cap (if desired)
  • Every 5th year of representation - a new tracksuit top and pair of trousers (if desired)

Uniform – Coaches/Managers
Once only - 2 polo shirts, 1 jacket and 1 cap

All other uniform items are at the players or coaches expense.

PNZ also intends to standardise the uniforms that players wear by having a black (with white trim) or a white (with black trim) option and keeping them the same each year. Teams travelling can decide on which uniform they would prefer given the heat of the country they are travelling to.

PNZ Board
July 2015


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