An Umpire is an official responsible for enforcing the rules of the sport, including sportsmanship decisions.

While Pétanque can be played without an Umpire, it is strongly recommended that an Umpire is appointed for tournaments.

Becoming a PNZ Accredited Umpire

To ensure consistency of standards applied to umpiring, PNZ is developing a pathway for the development of Umpires.

PNZ defines Umpires as follows:

  • Level 1: Club Umpire
  • Level 2: Regional Umpire
  • Level 3: National Umpire
  • Level 4: Confederation Umpire
  • Level 5: International Umpire

To support these umpires the PNZ Manager of Umpiring has developed a series of workshops and examinations for Levels 1-3.

Applicants must be physically fit and possess good eyesight as a prerequisite before applying to sit for a Club, Regional, National, Confederation & International Umpire examination.

Once qualified, PNZ requires all umpires to be involved in ongoing training and to be actively umpiring, in order to remain as a qualified PNZ Umpire.

Note: Development and accreditation for Level 4 is managed by the Oceania Pétanque Confederation and Level 5 is managed by FIPJP (International Pétanque Federation).

Pétanque Rules

Changes to the FIPJP Rules are now ratified every four years (in the Olympic year) and come into effect at the start on the next calendar year.

The latest FIPJP Rules were adopted by the PNZ Executive on 20 January 2021 and came into effect that same day.

A printable version of the FIPJP Rules of Petanque with NZ Interpretations 2021 (pdf 1.13 MB)

Umpire Resources