National Championships 1996-97

Events are listed in chronological order.

National Triples Championship


Jean-Pierre Bedel/Phillippe Bourel/Pam Jenkins 1;
Christian Fouquet/Jean Peni/Niau Ruta 2;
Leon Crosse/Peter Evison/Brian Smith 3.

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Air New Zealand National Singles Championship

Date: Saturday, 29 & Sunday, 30 March 1997
Venue: Park Avenue, Lower Hutt


Niau Ruta 1;
Evan Green 2;
Pam Jenkins 3;
Tiki Ruta 4;
Max Davis, Allan Fletcher, Christian Fouquet, Chris Priestley 5 equal;
Peter Denee, Eric Herbert, Lyn Hunt, Colin Johnston, Gerard Pinguet, Brian Smith, Dirk Winne, Nikki Winnie 9 equal.


Don Pettett 1;
Rex Hayes 2.

National Singles Championship prizewinners: (from left) Evan Green, Niau Ruta, Pam Jenkins, Don Pettett, Rex Hayes, Tiki Ruta

Additional photos can be found on the PNZ Facebook page.

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